Natsci3_Reflective Essay on DNA

When I was a little, I had to ask GOD on what was the formula in creating a human being. Why I was born in here not over there? Why I can’t fly like a bird? I had to learn how to swim but unable to breathe longer like a fish does? Why is that my classmate is stronger than me? A bunch of those juvenile’s WHY were satisfied only by FAITH rather than scientific basis.

Then schooling commences and some were answered but more and more questions were raised. Learning became fun, interesting and encouraging as new knowledge were gain and some would attract your appetite in addition to those that would make you sleepless at night. It’s the science world that awaken my understanding of matters, universe as well as myself.

Though I already heard the term Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA), it wasn’t that long before I managed to digest on what really this infamous scientific jargon was. It’s my genetic composition that makes me different from the other living organism. It’s the reason why I have two feet while the horse had four. It could be the very reason too on why I inherited higher blood pressure symptoms from my parents on my early age. Now, the academic responses to my childhood inquiry had finally found its long overdue answers.

The discovery, exploration and understanding of DNA have triggered awareness to every individual not only in the scientific community but most especially to those who are badly requires medical attention. As some medical journals claim, DNA manipulations cure diseases, saves lives and even created a new living things thru Cloning. This extreme genetics/scientific advancement could be one of these millennium best achievements. But then again, the controversial question remains. Would it be Moral to do this to Human being? My personal contention is if indeed it would help mankind for the better then why not? But if it will only cause destruction then it’s best to let the box un-touched.

I’m hopping that at the end of this semester, I’ll be able to grasp the most important if not all the details/aspects about DNA and to have a chance to work or participate in any genetic related research or project. To be able to argue on the pros and cons of the subject matter and help to enlightened those who are in need.

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